Monday, March 11, 2013

Taping of the Mouths

Why has there been no comprehensive investigation into Michelle Rhee's test cheating scandal and subsequent cover-up?

If a comprehensive investigation is good enough for the Atlanta Public Schools, then DC under the odious  Rhee should be a prime target. 

Michelle Rhee got away with taping her student's mouths shut during her first years as a teacher. After demoralizing children and staff at D.C. public schools, she is now making millions of dollars as an edushyster collecting money from test publishing companies that would divert tax dollars away from public schools and experienced teachers so that more money can be spent on standardized testing.

David Coleman, architect of the Common Core Standards, high stakes standardized testing advocate and Bill Gates lackey says "...nobody gives a shit what you (students) feel or what you think," wants to tape children's mouths shut so they will passively comply with their mind numbing education predicated on test prep.

The real problem with edusysters taping student's mouths shut is that children have no voice in the learning experiences they engage in. This leads to all kinds of problems including disengagement and an educational experience that does not connect to children's strengths, passions or interests.

Under RttT's testing scheme that reduces children to standardized test data we have become a nation doomed to experience more failures of imagination.

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