Sunday, October 20, 2013

ALEC: Homogenize Future Workers Through High-Stakes-Testing

Thank YOU Indiana General Assembly and other state legislators who are current or former members of ALEC! ALEC has done wonders for American Public Education! The standardization of educational experience through ALEC's model legislation in state government will reap immense benefits to corporate entities who seek human capital and interchangeable workers whose minds have been homogenized through numerous high stakes testing events and untold data-driven learning experiences!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What Kind of Education Are Children In American Public Schools Receiving?

I don't mean to rant about radical behaviorism again....but I will. Radical Behaviorism is so pervasive in American public education, that children hate school. School should be a place of joyful learning! It's not. The bigger question after looking at the forms of learning experience children are coerced into under CCSS is: What kind of learning experience are we foisting upon children in American public education? This is a question the Parents of New York would like to ask Dr. John King and his boss Governor Cuomo. Parents throughout the Country would like to ask their state and federal policymakers the same thing.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Radical Behaviorism Is National Pedagogy Of The United States

Since NCLB was implemented in 2002, high stakes testing has become "bludgeon du force" that drives learning experience in U.S. schools. Make no mistake, when teacher's, administrator's and school's existence are threatened with extinction if children do not score well enough on high stakes standardized tests, the curricula is going to be centered on taking high stakes standardized tests. That means lots of operant conditioning to prepare children for test taking. Children do not respond well to incessant operant conditioning. 

What does that mean from a pedagogical standpoint? Despite policymakers and corporate education reformers claims they are not affecting pedagogy, that claim is false. Coerced high stakes testing means test prep and lots of it. Forget about creativity. Forget about teacher and student autonomy. Forget about independent thinking. Forget about student interests. Forget about children's time sensitive ideas. Forget about democracy in U.S. Education. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If Ritz Is Concerned, Should 1.3 Million Hoosier Voters Be Concerned?

Dan Elsener claims to be an independent. There are many folks who would disagree with his assessment. Even if it were true, Elsener does not respect the voters who elected Glenda Ritz over the voucher loving, charter school test data manipulator Tony Bennett. If Indiana Superintendent of Education Ritz is concerned about a power grab, how will this play out during the 2014 legislative session of the Indiana General Assembly? Indiana voters will be watching.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Walmart IS Anti-Public Education!

What does Alice Walton want to do with public schools in Indiana? She's not a resident of the Hoosier State. Is the Walton Foundation's interest in Indiana children altruistic? Or are there other incentives? Like privatizing public education? Implementing more charter schools connected to Walmart business interests? Or undermining democracy? Alice Walton and the Walton Foundation are interested in turning public schools into widget worker factories because after all, real teachers and their unions won't be needed anymore. Make no mistake, the Walmart .1% want to marginalize the electorate so policy related to the environment, labor, civil rights, immigration, women's rights, gun control and education will remain favorable to their political agenda.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


The position held by millions of Americans disaffected by the corporate education agenda is a view of high stakes testing as flim-flam, and rightfully so. Millions of American children view corporate education reform as a failure because the experience of learning is fragmented from individual's daily lives and is shaped around radical behaviorism. High stakes testing demoralizes children, does not make them smarter, does not improve the conditions of their daily lives and does NOTHING to address society's failure to solve the problem of systemic poverty, mass incarceration of poor people and the continuation of a racial caste system that is perpetuated today through corporate education reform:

"Why haven't you learned anything?
Man that school shit is a joke
The same people who control the school system control
The prison system, and the whole social system
Ever since slavery, nawsayin?"

Dead Prez

Disgusted by NBC's corporate education reform propaganda show that advertises for continued high stakes testing, radical behaviorism, vouchers and closing public schools? 

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