Sunday, October 13, 2013

What Kind of Education Are Children In American Public Schools Receiving?

I don't mean to rant about radical behaviorism again....but I will. Radical Behaviorism is so pervasive in American public education, that children hate school. School should be a place of joyful learning! It's not. The bigger question after looking at the forms of learning experience children are coerced into under CCSS is: What kind of learning experience are we foisting upon children in American public education? This is a question the Parents of New York would like to ask Dr. John King and his boss Governor Cuomo. Parents throughout the Country would like to ask their state and federal policymakers the same thing.


  1. Just as long as we remember that the "values of the state," are one in the same with who owns the state—ergo the ruling class, (eg. corporations, plutocrats, etc.).

  2. What does the state value? Compliance, control and human capital....

  3. Oh yes...despite the "talk" about independent thinking, the state values human beings who cannot think for themselves...