Saturday, October 5, 2013


The position held by millions of Americans disaffected by the corporate education agenda is a view of high stakes testing as flim-flam, and rightfully so. Millions of American children view corporate education reform as a failure because the experience of learning is fragmented from individual's daily lives and is shaped around radical behaviorism. High stakes testing demoralizes children, does not make them smarter, does not improve the conditions of their daily lives and does NOTHING to address society's failure to solve the problem of systemic poverty, mass incarceration of poor people and the continuation of a racial caste system that is perpetuated today through corporate education reform:

"Why haven't you learned anything?
Man that school shit is a joke
The same people who control the school system control
The prison system, and the whole social system
Ever since slavery, nawsayin?"

Dead Prez

Disgusted by NBC's corporate education reform propaganda show that advertises for continued high stakes testing, radical behaviorism, vouchers and closing public schools? 

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