Saturday, March 15, 2014

Children's Cognitive Development Impaired By Corporate Oligarchs!

Molding Minds For Tomorrow!
If we could paint a picture of the travesty taking place in American Public Education today, it might look like the above picture. It is Spring Time in America and high stakes standardized tests are on the school menu for millions of American children. There are many reasons to revolt against these tests. The most heinous fact is these tests dictate learning experience.  In the long term, children learn nothing more than to be compliant, worker bees.

Think of it. Children are biologically hard wired to be active, playful, imaginative, inquisitive learners.
However due to high stakes testing in thousands of schools across the U.S., children are forced to sit at their seats for 6 hours a day and mimic the work of desk clerks. Children have no voice in the learning experiences they engage in and are forced to participate in data-driven radical behaviorist learning activities, which they are told, will prepare them for careers and college. This factory model of education has nothing to do with learning. It has everything to do with controlling the minds of future citizens.

If an omnipotent force were to engineer a future society that would be smart enough to do the grunt work of a national economy but incapable of figuring out why their interests, innate gifts and talents were not optimally developed during the formative stages of their education, then mandating high stakes testing and narrowing of children's educational experiences would be the way to do just such a social engineering job.