Monday, December 30, 2013

What Does It Mean To Be Educated?

I posit that compelling children to sit in crowded classrooms and prepare them to take high stakes standardized tests utilizing Skinnerian based behaviour modification methodology is not an education. It is instruction and training to prepare for standardized tests.

From James McKernan: "In the view of R.S. Peters, education involves the development of a cognitive perspective, or mind, whilst instruction hints at information and training lends itself to the development of competence in a limited mode of skills; whilst ‘education’ aims at a wider view of knowledge and system of beliefs."

Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Will Pence's Corporate Tax Cuts Cost Indiana Public Schools?

About 400 billion. What does that mean for Indiana public schools and the Indiana middle class? It means program cuts and tax hikes. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

What Does Social Engineering Look Like?

Social engineering occurs when children have limited educational opportunities, are homogenized through a narrow curriculum and motivated by fear, rewards and punishments.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Just What Is Mike Pence's Philosophy of Education?

Mike Pence has the same philosophy of education as does Jeb Bush.
If you have not read Doug Martin's investigative work on the Pence-Bush connection to privatize Indiana public education this is a great read.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What Does Incessant High Stakes Testing Do To The Formative Minds of Children?

The process of standardized education and assessing the retention of facts and figures from standardized educational experiences on high stakes standardized tests is not a pleasant process for significant numbers of children. My question is what does this process do to the formative minds of children?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dear President Obama....

My name is Clyde Gaw. 

I have been a teacher for 30 years now.While there are many reasons to vote for you, the education platform you have embraced, predicated upon high stakes standardized testing is not one of them.

Let's be clear. There are two kinds of education in this World. The first is to provide children with experiences that will educate them for greatness by optimizing the development of their talents, gifts and innate capacities endowed to them through the forces of the Universe. The second form of education can be seen in oppressed societies where totalitarian states imprint onto the minds of children a narrow, select curriculum valued by the state.

The keystone of current U.S. education policy, Race to the Top and the proposed Common Core State Standards that will be accompanied with high stakes standardized tests, promotes such a narrowed curriculum. Children will be forced to comply with non-consensual learning experiences and an intensification of high stakes standardized testing. Teachers whose jobs are dependent upon their students test scores will be forced to teach to the test and will have little opportunity to engage children in creative or multi-sensory learning experience because the they will need to prepare children for the tests and cover material children will be tested on. RttT and CCSS ensures children are left outside the decision making processes central to the learning activities they engage in. This is problematic and thousands of teachers have been telling you it is problematic but you keep ignoring them.

I understand in order to promote the healthy mental and physical well being of children, learning should be a joyful adventure and the acquisition of knowledge should be vivid and engaging. Due to biological and environmental conditions, every child has a unique cognitive structure. I have yet to meet a class of children who are homogeneously constructed. One size does not fit all and the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Learning, fragmented outside the strengths and interests of the child is doomed to be forgotten.

This business about educational rigor and grit is a joke. Rigor is a buzz word for radical behaviorism where children have no voice in curriculum decision making. As if the folks mandating radical behaviorism are going to "stick it" to spoiled children who come from "white suburban moms." Rigor for those folks who have not had experience practicing child centered education, is a boot strapping capacity developed "with" children, and anytime the experience is non-consensual, one risks disengaging children. Rigor is cultivated from the inside out and developed by engaging children in educational experiences through their interests and passions. What RttT proposes is an approach to rigor force fed from the top down by an authoritarian state. Since when have we become enamored with top down authoritarianism? Are we emulating the Chinese when it comes to educating our children?

Teachers must be allowed flexibility and support in how they deliver educational experiences. Children’s intellectual, imaginative and psycho-emotional predispositions should be considered before the state’s prescription for standardized learning experience is enacted upon them. Children's minds are organic entities yet your mandates for high stakes testing insure they will not have a voice in the learning activities they will be compelled to participate in.

I was shocked to learn that Common Core architect David Coleman, a literary scholar and corporate edu-entreprenuer with no background in child development or classroom teaching experience, disdains emotional connectivity to children’s learning. In a 2011 presentation to N.Y. Dept. of Education officials, he made the statement, “People don’t give a ‘sheet’ what you (students) feel or what you think (,” describing his rationale for the de-emphasis of personal expression in the development of language skills in the new Common Core. This statement provides insight into Coleman’s view of children, teaching and learning. He infers that a steady stream of non-consensual, depersonalized text oriented seat work is the remedy to solve America ’s education crisis. 

We know from Eric Kandel’s research that human beings are biologically hard wired for multi-sensory learning experience. The idea that children’s passion’s for learning S.T.E.M. subjects is going to be stimulated, while structuring learning experience around text laden standardized test prep is not conducive to developing creativity or innovative thinkers. Coleman’s anesthetic, layman's view of learning is simplistic at best where a static cacophony of text based content can be plugged into children’s brains without the learners consent with the expectation that long term memory formation will occur.

Research is clear; learning that is transformative, that lasts for the learner's life time is developed through emotional connectivity which requires teachers to use humanistic, holistic approaches to learning. From my perspective we are witnessing further, the marginalization of teacher, student and community voices in the determination of educational processes central to the activities that take place in our schools. Where is democracy at work in our educational system? Whose voices determine what goes on in our schools?

It is disingenuous to suggest to the general public that the Common Core will improve educational quality. How will it facilitate children's receptivity and motivation to learn? It does nothing of the sort! What it will improve is the ability of high stakes test publishers and their corporate counterparts throughout the country to see how well children are able to take timed, stress inducing tests. Parents and children are duped by a steady flow of misinformation and propaganda from a U.S. corporate mass media industry intent on duping the general public that high stakes testing and the narrowed non consensual educational experience which accompanies it is a good thing. Under your presidency, we have seen American Public Education undergo a crisis of funding and a crisis of leadership and a crisis of morale. U.S. public education is best left to the parents and citizens who inhabit the myriad of public school districts across the country and to the expert professional teachers who know, work and teach daily with their students. 

Assessment should be done in the service of the learner, not test publishing companies who do not know the children. How much money have we spent on high stakes testing and CCSS? Billions....and for what? Data points? Our country and planet are in economic, environmental and biological crisis and your administration's strategy to prepare the next generation to solve this wicked problem is multiple choice questions on high stakes tests?

Preparing the next generation of STEM professionals must include creativity development, trans-disciplinary and multi-sensory learning experiences, yet art and music programs have been cut throughout the country. This will lead to further failures of imagination.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the United States has the highest rates of mental illness in the industrialized world. What are the common experiences of the American People that would cause such conditions? Might toxic stress induced in the formative brains of children have anything to do with this statistic? What are the affects of toxic stress induced on children due to non consensual learning experiences? I submit to you that learning is not just about what we are putting into the minds of children. Learning is what is happening to the brain during the learning process. Each child will learn what he/she lives. He/she will learn educational content to the degree that he/she lives educational content. Mandate test taking and you will have developed a nation of test takers. Radical behaviorism, the national pedagogy you have mandated for our Nation's teachers is not the way to develop the full capacities of our youngest citizens.

I submit to you, the current direction of education reform, predicated upon high stakes testing as embraced by Secretary Duncan subverts the teaching and learning process and is detrimental to the natural development of children who attend public schools in the United States.

Clyde Gaw

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nature, Nurture? Or...

I make the argument that compelling 25-35 children to sit still in cramped desks in an 800 sq. ft room and forcing children to participate in non-consensual selected response assessments psychologically structured through radical behaviorism borders on the criminal.  After a hundred years of empirical research in cognitive science, it should be quite obvious to any and all education policy makers that learning experience and cultures of learning will affect or negate intellectual growth based on the genetic endowment of an individual. This question must be considered and education policymakers who ignore human genetics must be held accountable as they are responsible for the development of children's mental development via educational experiences they have created by mandating compulsory standardized high stakes tests.

Apparently Arne Duncan doesn't understand metaphor. I took much delight in reading this article yesterday. Apparently I am whacky because I have been using robots as a metaphor to explain a state mandated educational process, radical behaviorism, that is off the wall. Radical behaviorism is a mechanized event that views learning as a simple process as inputs = outputs. Proponents of radical behaviorism view the mind as a blank slate. Radical behaviorism is so pervasive in American schools it has become our de-facto national pedagogy. Radical behaviorism is an educational process used to train and control animals. One uses operant conditioning techniques to shape behavior. Rewards or punishments are used to motivate learners. So if you are a student who can't pass the test, you get a bad score, and you might have to repeat a grade or worse yet, not graduate.

What is the real reason behind the incessant amounts of radical behaviorism in our public schools?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Do Policy-Makers Ignore Parents and Teachers?

 Yesterday's Indiana State Board of Education meeting portends of things to come.
Apparently Pence and his cohorts at the Center for Education and Career Innovation didn't understand the voter's wanted change last election.

It is by no accident that politicians and education deform technocrats are ignoring parents and teachers. They have received their marching orders from the corporate establishment. Here is the plan: Turn children into homogenized, standardized passive recipients of knowledge and prepare them for career ready roles as passive, obedient corporate widget workers. That is the plan.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why I Oppose The Common Core

The CCSS is an abusive micro-managing apparatus that guarantees teachers will teach to the test and mandates an educational pedagogy of fear, coercion and punishment. Despite slick subterfuge and propaganda to the contrary, the architects of the CCSS, backed by wealthy billionaires, are soft peddling an apparatus of mind control. “Career and college ready,” is a slogan that once deconstructed, reveals an educational structure that undermines creativity and freedom and while institutionalizing obedience and control.
The CCSS imprints upon the minds of children an experience based on radical behaviorism without their consent. Like pawns in a massive chess game, as early as KDG, children are denied experiences that enhance their love of learning and instead forced to participate in massive amounts of high stakes testing and an education that emphasizes "informational text," over classical literature.
There are two forms of education in this World. The first is to provide children with opportunities for them to achieve an education that enhances and promotes their pre-existing capacities and gifts. The second form of education we can see throughout World History is expressed in totalitarian regimes who imprint upon the minds of children what the leaders of the state value.
You want data? Here’s your data: 30 years of standardized testing on the formative minds of children in US schools and over 26% of Americans have a mental illness of one form or another. Gap between rich and poor at it’s highest ever and the middle class is shrinking like never before.
Who are these people peddling the CCSS? Follow the money trail and it leads back to the same greedy rich white suits, the corporate establishment, who tanked the economy in 2008, specialize in high speed derivatives trading and peddle billions of dollars of influence at the highest levels of government.

Totalitarianism In America

Common Core is the corporate establishment's attempt at coercing obedience and control into children's character while denying them an educational experience based on creativity and their innate capacities which require expert professional teachers. Of course expert professional teachers is something the corporate state would like to do without. CC micro-manages what teachers will do in the classroom. NO child will escape the fragmentation of the mind because they will be outside the decision making processes central to the experiences they will participate in. NO child will be able to engage in individual flights of development. The child's mind will be treated as a blank slate. The CC is totalitarianism and an attempt at soft control of the cognitive development of American children pure and simple.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Does Mind Control Look Like in the United States?

One way to evaluate a society's civility to it's citizens is to qualitatively assess the degree to which it's young citizens are educated. From a pedagogical view, there are fundamentally two forms of education in this World. The first form is to provide children with opportunities to develop to their optimum potential. That means taking into account their innate capacities, interests and passions, providing them with democracy in education. The other form of education can be observed in totalitarian states. This form is an experience that negates individual's innate qualities and creative capacities. One that values standardization, homogenization, compliance and control. In totalitarian states, rulers do not want a dynamic populace. It is much easier to control individuals who cannot think for themselves, are susceptible to propaganda, who will obey authoritarian messaging and not ask questions.
What are the affects of standardized learning experience and incessant high stakes testing and test prep on the formative minds of children? Why is this number 26% so high?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Teaching Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions

Chris Christie berates NJ Public School Teacher Melissa Tomlinson after she asked him why he referred to NJ public schools as "failure factories" at the Rutger's University football rally on 11/2/13.

Chris Christie believes he knows what's best for teachers. They need to be put (bullied) in their place! Problem is, when teachers who are on the front lines of public education classrooms speak out about higher class sizes, excessive testing, narrowing of the curriculum, influence of poverty on children's cognitive development and cuts to fine arts learning opportunities that exist in public education today, they are told by policymakers to sit down and shut up.

Michael Cohen is the president of Achieve. He is a guy who has little empathy for children. Like Chris Christie, he believes a quality educational experience is one where children are to sit down, shut up and be compliant. Educational experience is a one way street. It doesn't matter if your circumstances are affected by poverty. Doesn't matter if you have special needs. Doesn't matter if you need more time with your teacher. Sit down and shut up. Learning is a simple matter. Sit down. Listen. Keep your mouth shut. Don't move. Do this work sheet. Take your quiz. Take your pretest. Take your standardized high stakes test. The corporate-state's instructional materials are all you need for your teacher to teach you and all you need for a quality education. Doesn't matter if you have innate qualities or interests or passions. Sit down and shut up!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

ALEC: Homogenize Future Workers Through High-Stakes-Testing

Thank YOU Indiana General Assembly and other state legislators who are current or former members of ALEC! ALEC has done wonders for American Public Education! The standardization of educational experience through ALEC's model legislation in state government will reap immense benefits to corporate entities who seek human capital and interchangeable workers whose minds have been homogenized through numerous high stakes testing events and untold data-driven learning experiences!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What Kind of Education Are Children In American Public Schools Receiving?

I don't mean to rant about radical behaviorism again....but I will. Radical Behaviorism is so pervasive in American public education, that children hate school. School should be a place of joyful learning! It's not. The bigger question after looking at the forms of learning experience children are coerced into under CCSS is: What kind of learning experience are we foisting upon children in American public education? This is a question the Parents of New York would like to ask Dr. John King and his boss Governor Cuomo. Parents throughout the Country would like to ask their state and federal policymakers the same thing.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Radical Behaviorism Is National Pedagogy Of The United States

Since NCLB was implemented in 2002, high stakes testing has become "bludgeon du force" that drives learning experience in U.S. schools. Make no mistake, when teacher's, administrator's and school's existence are threatened with extinction if children do not score well enough on high stakes standardized tests, the curricula is going to be centered on taking high stakes standardized tests. That means lots of operant conditioning to prepare children for test taking. Children do not respond well to incessant operant conditioning. 

What does that mean from a pedagogical standpoint? Despite policymakers and corporate education reformers claims they are not affecting pedagogy, that claim is false. Coerced high stakes testing means test prep and lots of it. Forget about creativity. Forget about teacher and student autonomy. Forget about independent thinking. Forget about student interests. Forget about children's time sensitive ideas. Forget about democracy in U.S. Education. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If Ritz Is Concerned, Should 1.3 Million Hoosier Voters Be Concerned?

Dan Elsener claims to be an independent. There are many folks who would disagree with his assessment. Even if it were true, Elsener does not respect the voters who elected Glenda Ritz over the voucher loving, charter school test data manipulator Tony Bennett. If Indiana Superintendent of Education Ritz is concerned about a power grab, how will this play out during the 2014 legislative session of the Indiana General Assembly? Indiana voters will be watching.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Walmart IS Anti-Public Education!

What does Alice Walton want to do with public schools in Indiana? She's not a resident of the Hoosier State. Is the Walton Foundation's interest in Indiana children altruistic? Or are there other incentives? Like privatizing public education? Implementing more charter schools connected to Walmart business interests? Or undermining democracy? Alice Walton and the Walton Foundation are interested in turning public schools into widget worker factories because after all, real teachers and their unions won't be needed anymore. Make no mistake, the Walmart .1% want to marginalize the electorate so policy related to the environment, labor, civil rights, immigration, women's rights, gun control and education will remain favorable to their political agenda.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


The position held by millions of Americans disaffected by the corporate education agenda is a view of high stakes testing as flim-flam, and rightfully so. Millions of American children view corporate education reform as a failure because the experience of learning is fragmented from individual's daily lives and is shaped around radical behaviorism. High stakes testing demoralizes children, does not make them smarter, does not improve the conditions of their daily lives and does NOTHING to address society's failure to solve the problem of systemic poverty, mass incarceration of poor people and the continuation of a racial caste system that is perpetuated today through corporate education reform:

"Why haven't you learned anything?
Man that school shit is a joke
The same people who control the school system control
The prison system, and the whole social system
Ever since slavery, nawsayin?"

Dead Prez

Disgusted by NBC's corporate education reform propaganda show that advertises for continued high stakes testing, radical behaviorism, vouchers and closing public schools? 

Hot Twitter link here:

Email here:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hoosier Hospitality?

If this meme looks offensive to my fellow Hoosiers, it can't be helped. We have in Indiana a governor that doesn't know how to communicate with the state's chief education officer, who has ignored the concerns of parents and teachers that top down corporate driven education policies emphasizing performance around high stakes testing is not in the best interest of children.

Child poverty rates continue to hover somewhere between 31% and 41% in Indianapolis - Marion County depending on the demographic group one is examining. Here is the kicker. The poverty rate in Indiana is at 22% for children. Don't tell me that education policy makers do not know about the effects of poverty on the cognitive development of children. We've known for a long time it has detrimental effects to their developmental growth! What have state policy makers done to support children of poverty in schools? They coerced  children into trickle down, data driven Pavlovian learning experiences with mandated high stakes testing and closed Indiana public schools utilizing flawed accountability gimmicks!

Despite public outrage from Bennett's A-F grade tampering scandal, there is reason to be concerned about new trouble from Indiana education policy makers.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Truth Will Be Told

Many, many thanks to Marla Kilfoyle for creating this haunting video!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Education Nation: Lloyd Blankfein Responsible for Increasing Child Poverty Rates Is Apparently An Education Expert

Lloyd Blankfein is a scheduled guest on NBC's public education propaganda fest, Education Nation.
Apparently NBC forgot who one of the principals responsible for the Great Recession was.
The last time I watched NBC's Education Nation, there were no, I repeat, NO public education classroom teachers on the program. There were however, a host of corporate reformers and talking heads that have an agenda. The agenda? Privatize public education. Don't count on NBC making any changes to their 2013 edition of this propaganda ploy.

Why So Much Testing?

We know why testing is big in the U.S.. It has everything to do with the bag the guy with the top hat is carrying.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Parent Arrested At School Board Meeting For Asking The Wrong Question On Common Core!

What happens when questions sent in by an audience of parents are edited and screened because they do not coincide with the school board's agenda?

One audience member, a concerned father spoke out about his concerns on the Common Core. This is what happened: 

Content provided by Front Line State.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: New Learners of the 21st Century

Rupert Murdoch, McGraw-Hill and Pearson have spent millions lobbying U.S. policymakers in order to develop and administer high stakes tests on unsuspecting American children.
I recently watched this PBS televised documentary and the production starts off with a quote by John Dewey, "If we teach today's students as we taught yesterdays, we rob them of tomorrow." I've heard education reformers shamelessly co-opt progressive educator quotes before and this is a good example of a shameless co-opt. The problem here is that one of the producers of this documentary, Pearson,  makes it's money by coercing children into taking standardized high stakes tests, turning them into tools in order to evaluate their teachers. This fact is omitted in the documentary and is something that would make Dewey roll in his grave.

New Learners of the 21st Century is a slick edu-propaganda piece to promote the message that creativity development is alive and well in this day and age of high stakes testing. The only problem with this message is that creativity development in schools is giving way to high stakes test preparation and the arts are on the chopping block. No doubt about it.

When teachers jobs depend on high stakes test scores, you can darn well bet, creativity development is going to take a back seat to test prep. The U.S. Dept. of Education has no comprehensive data on fine arts cuts or the amount of creative work children do in U.S. Schools and would not release such data because the American Public will shriek at the lack of such vital learning experiences.

One thing this documentary fails at is providing a comprehensive look at electronic portfolios. If the MacArthur Foundation is serious about creativity development, they will examine electronic portfolios as an alternative to high stakes testing.

The last time I checked the latest neuro-cognitive research, human beings still learn best through multi-sensory experience. Multi-sensory learning experience is something children are not receiving enough of in school. Instead they are working iPads and computer based multiple choice answers and other selected response assessments, a form of educational assessment John Dewey abhorred.

Another Dewey quote should really be examined by reformers: "Education is not preparation for life. Education is life."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Much Will CCSS Cost?

Do we really need to do more testing on the most tested children in the World? How much are U.S. children losing with respect to hands-on arts and science learning? How much will CCSS vendors and their ancillary business partners make off of this national effort to standardize and homogenize children's educational experiences? These questions deserve answers!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What Does High Stakes Testing Do To The Formative Minds Of Children? As Long As There Is Money To Be Made, Rupert Murdoch Doesn't Care.

Predatory capitalists like Rupert Murdoch have no problem selling to an unsuspecting public the idea that high stakes testing and data driven instruction is a necessary part of children's education. Educators who understand child development know better. Quick question: What is the effect of incessant, mind numbing high stakes testing and narrow test prep curriculum coerced onto children masquerading as education reform?
Not only do high stakes testing events induce toxic stress on the formative minds of children, the whole curriculum gets screwed up! High stakes testing forced on children is a really dumb idea.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why Would A Policy Maker Deploy the TFA Learning Experience On Unsuspecting Children and Communities?

So why get rid of committed, professional teachers and replace with pseudo teachers? TFA is a scab labor force. With a cheap pool of eager, young bodies to throw into the classroom who will unwittingly take direction from corporate overlords,  TFA recruits hired to work in newly formed charter schools, burn out quick and move on asap, displacing professional veteran teachers who are forced out of public school settings because of school closings due to manufactured funding crises. Here is how it works:
So now we know. Despite the altruistic drivel and gibberish that spews from the lips of corporate deformers, it's really all about something el$e.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New York State Culture of Cruelty

Drilling data driven test prep into the minds of children is no education at all and it is certainly not an education children will feel worthy of remembering. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


There is nothing worse than a school yard bully! Instead of supporting children and their teachers in public schools, Andrew Cuomo ignores the scientific evidence that poverty affects children's neuro-cognitive development and then has the arrogance to threaten school communities with the "DEATH PENALTY!"

Monday, September 2, 2013

Koch Brothers: Masters of Influence Peddling, Creating Education PoliciesThat Are BAD for Children!!!

We know from a neurological perspective that learning experiences that are anesthetic to the senses are bad for children. Over a hundred years of cognitive science research has been ignored by education deformers like the Koch's who are founding members of ALEC and masters of influence peddling. Today, American children are the World's most tested children. Not diagnostic testing but high stakes testing. Kindergarten students and primary aged children, whose cognitive capacities are barely formed are being subjected to high stakes standardized tests and subjected to a narrowed, damaging curriculum devoid of multi-sensory learning opportunities! Schools have no choice in this matter when they are subjected to A-F grading schemes that will determine whether or not they will be open based on their student's standardized test scores. The Koch's, their cohorts in education deform and their high stakes testing schemes are bad for American children, bad for education and bad for a citizenry who's existence is based on the capacity for independent thinking, entrepreneurship and a democratic way of life.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

What does neuroscience say about class size and poverty?

Teachers have known for decades that poverty causes deficiencies in a child's cognitive capacities.
This latest research provides more evidence to overhaul current use of high stakes testing, lowering class size and doing something for the 20 percent of children who live in the World's richest country living in abject poverty.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Policy Makers Get Ready to Knee Cap Florida Public Education Again....

No offense to the hard working educators of Florida, but when a state has some of the worst policy makers in the World, there will be trouble. Governor Rick Scott, the man who hired corporate deformer and test score adjuster Tony Bennett, as his state education chief is holding an education summit without teachers and getting ready to knee-cap public education again! Look forward to a summit without any discussion of enhanced learning experiences for children by lowering class sizes or maybe increasing creativity development or fine arts learning. The same folks who derailed Florida Public Education with mandated test prep, Pavlovian pedagogy, hyper testing and narrowing of the curriculum are in charge of this summit so don't hold your breath for real improvements for Florida Public Schools.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rahm Emanuel: Chief Steward of CPS

The children and citizens of Chicago are being subjected to radical de-investment of their public schools.
Why does the mayor hate democracy and public education?
Call the Mayor's Hotline here: 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Eli Broad's Sick, Twisted Idea of Education Reform and the Insidious Nature of Standardized Testing

Standardized testing advocates won’t tell you what teachers already know. Standardized testing is an inherently unfair instrument to assess children’s educational growth and a horrible ordeal for many children. Why? The most egregious objection to high stakes testing is the standard error of measurement innate to all standardized testing events. Imagine a child with neurological or psycho-emotional conditions or any child for that matter, whose thinking capacities will naturally be hurried and confused during a timed, high stakes test taking event. Adult designers of the tests utilize semantic trickery in the selected response format to fool children who will know the content presented to them in regular classroom settings, but experience confusion and toxic stress caused by the deception built into the test. Significant numbers of children are going to answer incorrectly on these tests and they and their schools will lose out when the cut scores are selected and test scores fall short. These contrived tests are not reliable indicators of children’s true capacities as learners and are purposely designed to fail children.

Eli Broad of SunLife and the standardized construction magnate of KB Homes fame, wants to standardize your child’s mind through high stakes testing. Broad, through the billions of dollars he uses to leverage the standardized education reform movement has no business dictating the educational experiences of children.

Thinking about taking action? Congress is about to renew NCLB and all the high stakes testing that comes with it. Contact your representative now:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Nation Still At Risk: Follow the Money

The United States is in grave danger. The Pavlovian pedagogy and high stakes standardized test based education system imposed on it's young citizenry is rotting this democracy from the inside out. Wondering who infiltrated state and federal government in order to push Pavlovian test training on American children? Why were parents, communities and child development experts not consulted when these reforms masquerading as educational upgrades were pushed through?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Child centered vs. test centered....

I participated in discussion with a high stakes testing advocate on the Daily Kos diary: Chicago Public Schools Meltdown. Here is a portion of what I wrote after the advocate asked me for data supporting my claim that high stakes testing is a poor way to assess children.

"Prove to me...that standardized testing is good for America. Last time I checked, after 30 years of standardized education and 12 years of high stakes testing, 26% of children in America are living in poverty, gap between rich and poor is the largest it has ever been, US wages have stagnated while productivity has dramatically increased and creative learning opportunities in our schools is on the decline."
Standardized tests ensure that the child is central to the decision-making process, because we test the child.
ManhattanMan this statement reveals a deficit in your understanding of what it takes to optimize learning experience for a group of heterogeneous learners.
It also reveals you are an advocate for corporate test publishing companies or other corporate interests related to corporate education rephorm.
Children are not in control of their educational experiences when testing companies dictate to them what they will learn, how they will learn it and when they will learn it. Problem is...children learn at different rates and in different modalities.
 What you are prescribing is Pavlovian Behaviorism for other peoples children.
Bad, bad, bad...
You disrespect teachers who work in incredibly difficult circumstances.
Here is your data...I've got a ton more.
I have observed thousands of children who are not motivated to experience or participate in standardized learning experience and do not take their tests seriously.
Then their are other children who are driven to tears because they do not deal with the stress caused by your damned tests, many of whom end up hating school and end up dropping out.
We know their is a concerted effort to destroy public education in America by those who profit from standardized testing.
I consider you as one who is aligned with the corporate rheeform movement.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Taping of the Mouths

Why has there been no comprehensive investigation into Michelle Rhee's test cheating scandal and subsequent cover-up?

If a comprehensive investigation is good enough for the Atlanta Public Schools, then DC under the odious  Rhee should be a prime target. 

Michelle Rhee got away with taping her student's mouths shut during her first years as a teacher. After demoralizing children and staff at D.C. public schools, she is now making millions of dollars as an edushyster collecting money from test publishing companies that would divert tax dollars away from public schools and experienced teachers so that more money can be spent on standardized testing.

David Coleman, architect of the Common Core Standards, high stakes standardized testing advocate and Bill Gates lackey says "...nobody gives a shit what you (students) feel or what you think," wants to tape children's mouths shut so they will passively comply with their mind numbing education predicated on test prep.

The real problem with edusysters taping student's mouths shut is that children have no voice in the learning experiences they engage in. This leads to all kinds of problems including disengagement and an educational experience that does not connect to children's strengths, passions or interests.

Under RttT's testing scheme that reduces children to standardized test data we have become a nation doomed to experience more failures of imagination.