Sunday, November 3, 2013

Teaching Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions

Chris Christie berates NJ Public School Teacher Melissa Tomlinson after she asked him why he referred to NJ public schools as "failure factories" at the Rutger's University football rally on 11/2/13.

Chris Christie believes he knows what's best for teachers. They need to be put (bullied) in their place! Problem is, when teachers who are on the front lines of public education classrooms speak out about higher class sizes, excessive testing, narrowing of the curriculum, influence of poverty on children's cognitive development and cuts to fine arts learning opportunities that exist in public education today, they are told by policymakers to sit down and shut up.

Michael Cohen is the president of Achieve. He is a guy who has little empathy for children. Like Chris Christie, he believes a quality educational experience is one where children are to sit down, shut up and be compliant. Educational experience is a one way street. It doesn't matter if your circumstances are affected by poverty. Doesn't matter if you have special needs. Doesn't matter if you need more time with your teacher. Sit down and shut up. Learning is a simple matter. Sit down. Listen. Keep your mouth shut. Don't move. Do this work sheet. Take your quiz. Take your pretest. Take your standardized high stakes test. The corporate-state's instructional materials are all you need for your teacher to teach you and all you need for a quality education. Doesn't matter if you have innate qualities or interests or passions. Sit down and shut up!

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