Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Does Mind Control Look Like in the United States?

One way to evaluate a society's civility to it's citizens is to qualitatively assess the degree to which it's young citizens are educated. From a pedagogical view, there are fundamentally two forms of education in this World. The first form is to provide children with opportunities to develop to their optimum potential. That means taking into account their innate capacities, interests and passions, providing them with democracy in education. The other form of education can be observed in totalitarian states. This form is an experience that negates individual's innate qualities and creative capacities. One that values standardization, homogenization, compliance and control. In totalitarian states, rulers do not want a dynamic populace. It is much easier to control individuals who cannot think for themselves, are susceptible to propaganda, who will obey authoritarian messaging and not ask questions.
What are the affects of standardized learning experience and incessant high stakes testing and test prep on the formative minds of children? Why is this number 26% so high?

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