Saturday, August 31, 2013

What does neuroscience say about class size and poverty?

Teachers have known for decades that poverty causes deficiencies in a child's cognitive capacities.
This latest research provides more evidence to overhaul current use of high stakes testing, lowering class size and doing something for the 20 percent of children who live in the World's richest country living in abject poverty.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Policy Makers Get Ready to Knee Cap Florida Public Education Again....

No offense to the hard working educators of Florida, but when a state has some of the worst policy makers in the World, there will be trouble. Governor Rick Scott, the man who hired corporate deformer and test score adjuster Tony Bennett, as his state education chief is holding an education summit without teachers and getting ready to knee-cap public education again! Look forward to a summit without any discussion of enhanced learning experiences for children by lowering class sizes or maybe increasing creativity development or fine arts learning. The same folks who derailed Florida Public Education with mandated test prep, Pavlovian pedagogy, hyper testing and narrowing of the curriculum are in charge of this summit so don't hold your breath for real improvements for Florida Public Schools.