Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why I Oppose The Common Core

The CCSS is an abusive micro-managing apparatus that guarantees teachers will teach to the test and mandates an educational pedagogy of fear, coercion and punishment. Despite slick subterfuge and propaganda to the contrary, the architects of the CCSS, backed by wealthy billionaires, are soft peddling an apparatus of mind control. “Career and college ready,” is a slogan that once deconstructed, reveals an educational structure that undermines creativity and freedom and while institutionalizing obedience and control.
The CCSS imprints upon the minds of children an experience based on radical behaviorism without their consent. Like pawns in a massive chess game, as early as KDG, children are denied experiences that enhance their love of learning and instead forced to participate in massive amounts of high stakes testing and an education that emphasizes "informational text," over classical literature.
There are two forms of education in this World. The first is to provide children with opportunities for them to achieve an education that enhances and promotes their pre-existing capacities and gifts. The second form of education we can see throughout World History is expressed in totalitarian regimes who imprint upon the minds of children what the leaders of the state value.
You want data? Here’s your data: 30 years of standardized testing on the formative minds of children in US schools and over 26% of Americans have a mental illness of one form or another. Gap between rich and poor at it’s highest ever and the middle class is shrinking like never before.
Who are these people peddling the CCSS? Follow the money trail and it leads back to the same greedy rich white suits, the corporate establishment, who tanked the economy in 2008, specialize in high speed derivatives trading and peddle billions of dollars of influence at the highest levels of government.

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