Monday, September 2, 2013

Koch Brothers: Masters of Influence Peddling, Creating Education PoliciesThat Are BAD for Children!!!

We know from a neurological perspective that learning experiences that are anesthetic to the senses are bad for children. Over a hundred years of cognitive science research has been ignored by education deformers like the Koch's who are founding members of ALEC and masters of influence peddling. Today, American children are the World's most tested children. Not diagnostic testing but high stakes testing. Kindergarten students and primary aged children, whose cognitive capacities are barely formed are being subjected to high stakes standardized tests and subjected to a narrowed, damaging curriculum devoid of multi-sensory learning opportunities! Schools have no choice in this matter when they are subjected to A-F grading schemes that will determine whether or not they will be open based on their student's standardized test scores. The Koch's, their cohorts in education deform and their high stakes testing schemes are bad for American children, bad for education and bad for a citizenry who's existence is based on the capacity for independent thinking, entrepreneurship and a democratic way of life.

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