Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hoosier Hospitality?

If this meme looks offensive to my fellow Hoosiers, it can't be helped. We have in Indiana a governor that doesn't know how to communicate with the state's chief education officer, who has ignored the concerns of parents and teachers that top down corporate driven education policies emphasizing performance around high stakes testing is not in the best interest of children.

Child poverty rates continue to hover somewhere between 31% and 41% in Indianapolis - Marion County depending on the demographic group one is examining. Here is the kicker. The poverty rate in Indiana is at 22% for children. Don't tell me that education policy makers do not know about the effects of poverty on the cognitive development of children. We've known for a long time it has detrimental effects to their developmental growth! What have state policy makers done to support children of poverty in schools? They coerced  children into trickle down, data driven Pavlovian learning experiences with mandated high stakes testing and closed Indiana public schools utilizing flawed accountability gimmicks!

Despite public outrage from Bennett's A-F grade tampering scandal, there is reason to be concerned about new trouble from Indiana education policy makers.

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